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Makalu 3

Expanding horizons

Expanding horizons

Easygoing spirit

Built for pleasure in the easy end of the EN B class, the Makalu 3 instils confidence and inspires you to progress towards your free-flying goals. The handling is sublime, the character is sporty without being nervous and the performance is worthy of a much more demanding design.

  • Basic Intermediate wing, ideal as a first wing after school and built to keep you happy and last for many years
  • 3-liner riser design - easier line-sorting, less drag, more performance reserves
  • Swept-back wingtips like on the higher rated wings
  • Improved riser design for efficient use of the speed system with high top speed
  • Airfoil Stabilizing System (ASS) instead of Mylar for perfect leading edge definition, light weight and easy packing. Drag reduction by keeping the leading edge clean and in shape
  • Brake tensioning system (BTS) for crisper handling and optimum tension on the trailing edge
  • 3D panel shaping - less wrinkles in the canopy, better performance and even higher collapse resistance
  • Half-moon shaped cell openings – better leading edge definition, reduced drag
  • Lighter build than most in the class, but with classic UP longevity
  • Four sizes – XS to L – cover a weight range from 55 to 126 kg


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