magic brakes

magic brakes


An Acro All-rounder

The Misti project started back in 2015. The goal was clear: build a trademark UP glider for the acro scene - a durable product that pilots love to fly. At the end of 2018, we went back to the drawing board with Ondrej Procházka to tease out the essential points of such an all-round glider; and build it. 

We were striving to come up with a glider that suits most pilots, starting with beginners. A wing that is as easy as the current "relaxed" acro gliders. In a big size, you can have it as a glider to enter the acro flying world. In addition, we ended up with such maneuverability and usable energy that the glider in a smaller size will capture the heart of advanced pilots. 

The project would not have had such a good outcome without the skills of our chief designer Franta Pavlousek. His many decades of glider development experience make the UP Misti a very complete and interesting glider to fly.

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