UP International Team

Team Pilots


Gil Bombeiro

Gil BombeiroTeam Pilot

Mattia Bez

Mattia BezTeam Pilot XC

Simone Fioravanti

Simone FioravantiTeam Pilot XC

Yannick Charmot

Yannick CharmotTeam Pilot

Victor Usanov

Victor UsanovTeam Pilot

Mark Hardman

Mark HardmanTeam Pilot

Jesse Dhue

Jesse DhueTeam Pilot

Markus Henninger

Markus HenningerTeam Pilot

Håkan Ponthan

Håkan PonthanTeam Pilot

Julian Lange

Julian LangeTeam Pilot

Veronika Rojek

Veronika RojekTeam Pilot

Hermann Forster

Hermann ForsterTeam Pilot

Sebastian Casos

Sebastian CasosTeam Pilot

Kauan Lichtnow

Kauan LichtnowTeam Pilot

Fabio Kogut

Fabio KogutTeam Pilot

Richard Orsmalm

Richard OrsmalmTeam Pilot

Isabela Sales

Isabela SalesTeam Pilot

Bruno Menescal

Bruno MenescalTeam Pilot

Benno Schmidt

Benno SchmidtTeam Pilot

Manuel Tembler

Teampilot Manuel TemblerTeam Pilot

Massimiliano Favaro

Massimiliano FavaroTeam Pilot XC

Stefano Mazzoleni

Stefano_MazzoleniTeam Pilot XC

Ewa Korneluk-Guzy

Ewa Korneluk-GuzyTeam Pilot

Michael Pingert

Teampilot Michael PigertTeam Pilot

Ueli Lutziger

Ueli LutzigerTeam Pilot

Nora Kuehnhausen

Nora KuehnhausenTeam Pilot

Yves Jonczyk

Yves JonczykTeam Pilot

Philipp Müller

Philipp MüllerTeam Pilot

Bernhard Garthe

Bernhard GartheTeam Pilot

Cyril Tirolle

Cyril TirolleTeam Pilot

Khobi-Jane Bowden

Khobi-Jane BowdenTeam Pilot


Theunis de BruinTeam Pilot

Steven Semisch

Steven SemischTeam Pilot

Alfred Brenzing

Alfred BrenzingTeam Pilot

Michal Sneiberg

Michal SneibergTeam Pilot

Jan Rentowski

Jan RentowskiTeam Pilot

Krzysztof Żelisko

Krzysztof ŻeliskoTeam Pilot

Marek Mogielnicki

Marek MogielnickiTeam Pilot

Manuel Bauer

Manuel BauerTeam Pilot

Alexey Korobkov

Alexey KorobkovTeam Pilot

Chris Hover

Chris HoverTeam Pilot

Jon Lia Fang

Jon Lia FangTeam Pilot

Andy Shaw

Andy ShawTeam Pilot

William Lawrence

Teampilot William LawrenceTeam Pilot

Mick Collins

Teampilot Mick CollinsTeam Pilot

David Mercer

Teampilot David MercerTeam Pilot

Alan Macnab

Teampilot Alan MacnabTeam Pilot

Mike Miller

Teampilot Mike MillerTeam Pilot

Matthew Bignell

Teampilot Matthew BignellTeam Pilot

Andy McNicol

Teampilot Andy McNicolTeam Pilot

Johannes Oberwalder

Teampilot Johannes OberwalderTeam Pilot

Helmut Bergheim

Teampilot Helmut BergheimTeam Pilot

Willi Schaeper

Teampilot Willi SchaeperTeam Pilot

Martin Buehler

Teampilot Marin BuehlerTeam Pilot

Juhász Katalin

Teampilot Juhász KatalinIntl Team Pilot

Marcus Wolf

Teampilot Marcus WolfTeam Pilot

Igor Zygin

Teampilot Igor ZyginTeam Pilot

Walter Bunsen

Teampilot Walter BunsenTeam Pilot

Oliver Keller

Teampilot Oliver KellerTeam Pilot

Dorian Copt

Teampilot Doran CoptTeam Pilot

Rui Nascimento

Teampilot Rui NascimentoTeam Pilot

Flurin Raeber

Teampilot Flurin RaeberTeam Pilot

Sepp Steiner

Teampilot Sepp SteinerTeam Pilot

Nora Martiny

Teampilot Nora MartinyTeam Pilot

Ernesto Hinestroza

Teampilot Ernesto HinestrozaIntl. Team Pilot

Daniel Wastl

Teampilot Daniel WastlTeam Pilot

Tim Schober

Teampilot Tim SchoberTeam Pilot

Robin Gurung

Teampilot Robin GurungIntl. Team Pilot

Ivan Ripoll

Teampilot Ivan RipollIntl. Team Pilot

H. Walliser

Hansjoerg WebsiteTeam Pilot

Nanda Walliser

Nanda WalliserTeam Pilot

Oliver Rössel

Teampilot Oliver RösselTeam Pilot

M. Lorenz

Teampilot Maximilian LorenzTeam Pilot

Peter Hilger

Teampilot Peter HilgerTeam Pilot

Johannes Wiemer

Teampilot Johannes WiemerTeam Pilot

Heribert Stadler

Heribert Stadler Web fertigTeam Pilot

W. Weippert

Wolfgang-Weippert WebsiteTeam Pilot

David Rybar

Intl. Team Pilot

Annalena Hinestroza

Teampilotin Annalena HinestrozaTeam Pilot

Philip Frauenlob

Teampilot Philip FrauenlobTeam Pilot

Sebastian Thurau

Teampilot Sebastian ThurauTeam Pilot

Egon Haberler

Team Pilot

Len Szafaryn

Teampilot Len SzafarynIntl. Team Pilot

Honza Rejmanek

Teampilot Honza RejmanekIntl. Team Pilot

Tavis Gustavsson

Teampilot Tavis GustavssonIntl. Team Pilot

Lukas v. Egmond

Teampilot Lukas van EgmondTeam Pilot

Matthias Gertsch

Matthias-Gertsch Website2Team Pilot

Chris Mühlemann

Team Pilot Christoph MühlemannTeam Pilot

A. Nydegger

Andreas NydeggerTeam Pilot

B. Charbonnet

Bernard CharbonnetTeam Pilot

Bruno Maurer

Bruno MaurerTeam Pilot

Stefan Bocks

Teampilot Stefan BocksTeam Pilot

Daria Krasnova

Teampilotin Int Daria KrasnovaIntl. Team Pilot

Pino Simone

Teampilot Pino SimoneIntl. Team Pilot


  • Nanda Wallisser takes first place!

    Tuesday, 18 June 2024
    UP team pilot Nanda Wallisser (Switzerland) took first place in the women's competition with the…
  • Lucian Haas visits UP

    Tuesday, 11 June 2024
    Journalist and paragliding expert Lucian Haas (pictured right / left Christian Rönning, CEO of UP)…