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Gloves Asgard 2

Gloves Asgard 2

"The new improved Asgard 2 glove"

One of the true classics in the UP accessories range, the Asgard fleece gloves, have received a complete model overhaul – allow us to introduce the Asgard 2: These new gloves, designed for pilots,  are set to become another one of those items which you just never want to forget at home. Built with a wind-sealer membrane, they are warm enough for 3-season flying. The material is breathable and water-repellant. 

Special features are the touchscreen-compatible index finger and the reinforcement on the side of the index finger to increase durability cause of friction.

Made from 90% polyester and 10% PU. 

See your local UP dealer to try these updated UP classics!

Sizes: 7(S), 8 (M), 9(L), 10(XL) and 11(XXL)