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The first 2.5-liner for the Mid-B class! The KIBO X (EN/LTF B) has everything you need for a successful and relaxed flight: the performance and top speed of a hybrid, the high passive safety of an intermediate paraglider and, last but not least, the great fun factor of finely tuned handling. This combination convinces talented B-class-newcomer as well as advanced pilots - even in demanding conditions.

Franta Pavlousek (UP glider designer): "Why only offer 2.5-liners from the top B segment upwards? We have thoroughly tested various approaches in construction and chose the hybrid 2.5-liner concept for the final prototype. It simply has shown advantage in all aspects: performance, handling and even safety - compared to the classic 3-liner prototypes we tested. In other words: In the development of the KIBO X, the hybrid construction has merged so well with its high safety aspect that the result can be called mid-B with a clear conscience. This makes state-of-the-art design and top performance accessible to an even wider target group."

  • Maximum performance with large safety reserves at the same time
  • Improved pitch stability
  • Lively handling, new top speed and pleasant feedback in thermals
  • Miniribs for an aerodynamically optimised trailing edge
  • BTS Brake Reefing System for the best possible thermal characteristics
  • Double 3D panel shaping & 3D negative panel shaping for optimised leading edge profile fidelity
  • FSS (Front Section Support) on top sail for high performance and stability in turbulence
  • New HPR risers (High Performance Risers) with option for highly efficient "C" control
  • At UP, the "X" in the glider name stands for "cross" and therefore for hybrid 2.5-liners, which combine the best of the 2-liner and 3-liner designs

What's new?
For the first time, the 2.5-line design has been introduced into the popular KIBO series, offering pilots in the mid-B segment the opportunity to enjoy such a powerful yet safe paraglider. Top speed and thermal characteristics, such as pitch stability, have been improved once again. Also new are the HPR risers which offer simple, efficient acceleration and the option of "C" steering. C-steering refers to glider control via the precise optimization of the angle of attack of the glider, just like these systems work on 2-liner competition wings and our high performing B and C wings SUMMIT X, KANGRI X and TRANGO X. The term “C steering” has become somewhat established. With the KIBO X as 2.5-liner, we therefore continue to call the equivalent "C" steering. Alternatively, one could generally speak of "rear riser" steering.

Who is the Kibo X for?
Anyone who wants to switch from the A class to B in favour of more extensive cross-country flying will find the KIBO X as a mid-B the perfect paraglider to enjoy for a long time and which has the necessary performance to further refine their skills. The fact that it is a 2.5-line glider does not stand in the way of this - on the contrary: as the first 2.5-line glider in the mid-B segment, the KIBO X makes this transition easier than ever before. Its large safety reserves and manageable extreme flight behaviour combined with remarkable top speed are also attractive for safety-conscious frequent flyers. It is not for nothing that the vast majority of pilots are permanently at home in the B-segment. Provided you fly actively, the KIBO X is a relaxed wing to crank and go on a trip - depending on your mood and plan of the day.


High-A: Try our DENA

High-B: Our SUMMIT X and its lightweight version, the KANGRI X, score highly here.

How does the Kibo X fly?
Almost too good just for the local mountain - we already felt this with the predecessor model of the KIBO X. The great potential for cross-country flying becomes even clearer here, because the KIBO X is easy to launch, easy to accelerate when crossing valleys as well as eager to turn in thermals and efficiently converting them into altitude. It is a very manoeuvrable wing without being nervous. The pitch stability is excellent. So you can stay relaxed even in turbulence. This makes it attractive for those moving up from the A-Class as well as for advanced, safety-conscious frequent flyers.

What sizes are available?
From size XS (weight range: 60-80 kg) to size L (100-130 kg), the five standard sizes of the KIBO X (XS, S, SM, M, L) cover the widest possible range. We recommend loading the glider in the medium range. As a general rule, the higher the wing loading, the more dynamic the flying behaviour. If in doubt, it can help to test fly two sizes and then ask your gut feeling which size was the most comfortable. You can get demo wings from UP from our dealers/flight schools or (if there is no contact nearby) directly from UP. We wish you all good flights and lots of fun!

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Changed scope of delivery from 01.01.2023!
Included in the delivery: Flex Bag, Riser Bag, compression strap, repair-kit, UP gift, e-manual

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