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Glider sizes – how to choose

To help you choose the size of UP wing that will match you best, here is a quote by Franta the head of UP R&D:
Glider sizes – how to choose
„"First advice: If you are within the middle third of the weight range (of a certain size), this is the right size for you. The wing is optimised for flying it in the middle of the weight range.Second advice: If you are stuck in between two sizes and are wondering whether you should fly the smaller size in the top third of the weight range, or the larger size in the bottom third of the weight range, proceed as follows: Experienced pilots should simply choose what they are used to. If you generally prefer to be loaded with more weight than less, go for the smaller size. If you prefer upscaling, it is also no problem to fly the bigger size, really a question of preference. The wing will still be fast and the handling precise.

If you have owned a UP wing of the previous generation (up to and including the Summit XC, the Trango XC, the Kantega XC and the Edge or any of the Targa models) and are looking for boosted, more accurate and crisper handling, you will want to fly in the top section of the weight range. If you want it to be closer to the feeling of the predecessor, you may prefer to choose the larger size. Also, if you are mainly flying in the flatlands and are stuck in between two sizes, you may want to choose the larger one. The same applies to pilots going up a class, from LTF B to LTF C.

As the UP R&D team, it is our philosophy to keep all the properties of a wing series that people have come to love and then add our own input to make it even better. This approach is based on good knowledge management and helps a product line and brand progress. It also helps keeping existing customers happy, giving them the feel good factor they are used to, while gaining new ones by adding a new touch."