A taller, sleeker, more comfortable pack

The new wings, with all their complex internal battens, are much longer when packed than they were just a few years ago. We have been busy making a backpack that reflects that change, and are proud of the new UP glider backpack! It is tall enough to accomodate your lovingly packed performance UP wing AND your bulky comp harness, it is much more comfortable to carry due to a better load distribution, and with heavy-duty YKK zippers and triple-reinforced sewing it is strong enough to last. Plus it is almost 500g lighter than the previous model!

The new bag comes in M and L. The M size is for beginner and intermediate wings/pilots with normal-sized gliders and harnesses, whereas the L size is for the performance-oriented gliders/pilots carrying more kit and larger harnesses. The M size holds 140l and weighs 1230g, while the L size holds 175l and weighs 1330g.

The M size is included with deliveries of Ascent 4's, Dena, Makalu 4's, and Kibo┬▓, and Summit XC4's in XS, and Trango X-Race in S. The L size is included as standard with Summit XC4 and Trango X-Races in all other sizes as well as for Meru and Guru. When you order a new UP wing you may ask to have the standard size replaced by the other one, for a small surcharge. Please note that we cannot change the backpack for you after you have received your new wing - but you are always welcome to purchase a supplementary pack from your UP dealer.