As the name suggests, our new FlexBag is flexible and can be used according to any preference. Whether you pack your glider loose and airy or if you already have a badge in space-saving packing-methods, the FlexBag holds your glider in place optimally thanks to the combination of two different compression methods!

On the side of the FlexBag is the YKK Anti-snag Zipper, with the help of which you can reduce the size of the new inner stuff sack without risking material getting stuck in the zipper. On the one hand, the mesh material on the inside allows the air to escape easily during the packing process and, on the other hand, serves to improve the air circulation during the glider-storage with zipper open. The opening at the top also has a rolltop, which you can roll down until your FlexBag is compressed to its content size.

The FlexBag is available in sizes S, M, L, XL with each size in a different color.

FlexBag S M L XL
Rimo   XS  S, SM, M, L  
Mana series  21 23, 25, 27   
Dena   XS S, SM, M, L   
Kibo series     S, SM, M, L  
Lhotse series   21, 23, 25, 27     
SummitX series not possible    
Kangri    S, M, L    
TrangoX series not possible    
Meru not possible    
Guru not possible    
Misti     14  16 - 33 Bi 
K2-4     SM, ML  SM, ML



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