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Trango X

Switch to the fast lane!

Switch to the fast lane!

Satisfy your hunger for performance!

Trango! One glider. One name. A huge fan community worldwide!

After setting new class standards from generation to generation with the Trango predecessors, now finally follows a worthy and long-awaited successor with the Trango X!

If you have flown the Trango X-Race, then you can certainly imagine the mammoth task our R&D team faced when it came to turning the performance screw even further, but without losing sight of the core characteristics of the Trango, for which our performance wing is highly praised worldwide: Handling, stability, thermal characteristics, climb performance... to list just a few of the much praised top attributes!

After many prototypes and various design approaches, UP has once again succeeded in creating a wing that we are extremely proud to present to the large fan community as a worthy successor to the popular Trango series! The Trango X is here. Change to the fast lane! Now!