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Trango X

Switch to the fast lane!

Switch to the fast lane!

Satisfy your hunger for performance!

Trango! One glider. One name. A huge fan community worldwide!

After setting new class standards from generation to generation with the Trango predecessors, now finally follows a worthy and long-awaited successor with the Trango X!

If you have flown the Trango X-Race, then you can certainly imagine the mammoth task our R&D team faced when it came to turning the performance screw even further, but without losing sight of the core characteristics of the Trango, for which our performance wing is highly praised worldwide: Handling, stability, thermal characteristics, climb performance... to list just a few of the much praised top attributes!

After many prototypes and various design approaches, UP has once again succeeded in creating a wing that we are extremely proud to present to the large fan community as a worthy successor to the popular Trango series! The Trango X is here. Change to the fast lane! Now!

More information:
The new Trango X is definitely hungry for performance, which is why we have once again typically positioned it high up in the C-segment. Experienced XC hunters will feel right at home under the canopy and can intuitively get the most out of long XC days with the rich performance package the Trango X offers!

What is new?
Our R&D team has developed a completely new airfoil in cooperation with a renowned technical university in the Czech Republic. The new airfoil now has an even more optimized airflow, which significantly reduces drag. The extremely pitch stable canopy will not be disturbed by turbulence and effectively converts even the smallest lift into altitude. What is really groundbreaking is that the new airfoil now allows a much larger speed window. This makes it possible to fly the new Trango X at a slower trim speed than its predecessor - turning in thermals is more pleasant and even more efficient. When using the speed bar, you will immediately notice the enormous gain in speed and performance, which clearly sets the Trango X apart from its predecessor! The glide performance, which is excellent over the entire speed range, is particularly impressive. In addition, the new airfoil is much more resistant to tucks, which in turn benefits passive safety.

The Trango X also has a completely new line concept, which also gave it its name. The X illustrates the meeting of two extremely successful technologies: The three-line concept with the two-line concept. The Tangro X offers the best of both worlds!

As a result, the Trango X is equipped with our brand new 2-liner hybrid line concept. This setup basically consists of three main suspensions, which shorten to only two levels towards the outer third of the canopy.

On the one hand, the hybrid line setup offers extra comfort and safety, and on the other hand, thanks to the reduced air resistance, it makes it possible to significantly improve speed and glide performance as well as steering over the C-risers. The performance gain, especially when you step on the speed bar, is enormous and will put a smile on your face as the landscape flies by below you and your mileage soars.  

Who is the Trango X for?

If you feel comfortable under a dynamic, direct and finely pilotable high aspect ratio performance wing. Or you consider yourself to be an ambitious frequent flyer who knows how to handle sporty gliders.

Then the Trango X is waiting for you. Try it out and see for yourself! Change to the fast lane and open a new chapter in your personal XC chronicle!

How does it fly?

The predecessor was already a real climbing wonder. We have not only retained this characteristic in the Trango X, we have taken it up a notch! The Trango X finds rising air masses with determination and almost centering the thermals itself. The wing flies through the smallest air bubbles and turbulence and converts them effectively into height. This is due to the new profile, which we designed in cooperation with a Technical University. Particularly noteworthy is the extreme pitch stability. This typical 2-liner characteristic now also comes into its own on the Trango X! The canopy of our XC machine remains stoically and without much need for correction centrally above the pilot, even in strong thermals, thus enabling effective gliding and the centering of thermals. When flying in and out of strong thermals, this pitch stability is of full benefit to the performance-oriented cross-country pilot. The pilot can stand firm on the throttle; small corrections are made via the C-Risers.

Scope of delivery: Parasleeve2, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker, e-Manual

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In the box: Parasleeve2, riser bag, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker, Skytex repair patche, e-Manual

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