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Meru 2

Sophisticated performance

Sophisticated performance

Two-liner | Cells: 84 | Aspect ratio: 6.9 | Weight: 4.9 kg (size S) | Certification: EN/LTF D

A worthy successor to the MERU with a new top speed was the goal - and UP developer Frantisek "Franta" Pavlousek and our test pilot team succeeded. The MERU 2 (EN/LTF D) inspires with 84 cells and an aspect ratio of 6.9. In addition, there are some design tricks: Nylon rods at the leading edge and in the upper and lower sails, a new inner structure, maximised acceleration and a sleek profile throughout using a well thought-out mix of materials. The sum of these subtleties and their detailed coordination makes the MERU 2 so unique and interesting for competition pilots. Time to leave the pack behind!

Franta Pavlousek (UP glider desinger): “We significantly improved performance and top speed without neglecting the safety and the MERU´s famous flying easiness. This was the most important - and we can say the most difficult - part of the designing process. But we have been successful!”

  • Line diameter optimised for individual glider size to reduce induced drag
  • New generation "Shark Nose" - developed with the help of CFD (Computer Airflow Analysis)
  • Double 3D Panel Shaping & 3D Negative Panel Shaping for optimum leading edge profile fidelity
  • FSS (Front Section Support) & RSS (Rear Section Support) on top and bottom sail for high performance and stability in turbulence
  • Reduced drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Miniribs for an aerodynamically optimised trailing edge
  • BTS Brake Reefing System for best possible thermal performance
  • Precise riser concept for varying the angle of attack of the central and lateral canopy sections
  • C-Handles for efficient control via the C-plane

What's new?
The MERU 2 combines cross-country flying at the highest level of the D-class with the usual precise, pleasant handling. As with the popular predecessor model, performance has been exploited to the full in accordance with the latest possibilities in construction/materials, resulting in a new, impressive top speed and glide angle. Stability has also been improved once again. The most significant changes compared to the first MERU are hidden in the inner workings of the MERU 2, but can be seen in the aforementioned new top speed, among other things. The profile, which has also been optimised externally for acceleration, complements this perfectly.

How does it fly?
It "finds the best possible angle of attack as if by itself" was said about the MERU. With the MERU 2, too, control is easily a matter of intuition in both strong and weak conditions. A luxury for professional pilots and no less pleasant for anyone who wants to become one with the MERU 2. The risers make their contribution by means of the proven C-Handles. The best thing about the precise riser concept: it is as minimalistic as it is efficient. The speed system lives up to its name and, thanks to the ball-bearing pulleys, is easy to operate, even when you are standing on the throttle for a long time. The MERU 2 has the necessary stability for particularly demanding flying conditions. On the other hand, in weak thermals it proves through excellent feedback from the canopy that it can also master this discipline.

Who is the MERU 2 suitable for?
Frequent flyers with great XC ambitions - whether for leisure or competition. If you fly long distances and want to score points at XContest & Co., you will learn to appreciate not only the performance but also the safety reserves of your paraglider. The MERU 2 was tested by the test pilots in a wide variety of flight conditions and manoeuvres. The UP Team Pilots also contributed their experience with the first MERU. Their conclusion: The flight behaviour corresponds to EN/LTF D with all the advantages of a 2-liner. Frequent flyers will enjoy the direct and agile MERU 2. Even beginners in the D class are in good hands with this glider.

What sizes are available?
Good news for light pilots: For the first time there is a size S (weight range: 78 -90 kg)! This means that the four series sizes (S, SM, M, L) from 78 to 125 kg cover a wider range than before and even more people around the world can enjoy the MERU 2. So nothing stands in the way of great XC ambitions - we wish you all good flights and lots of fun! Feel free to share your adventures with the MERU 2 with us: #upmeru2

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Included in the delivery: "Parasleeve" cell pack, 1x set of A-main-3 spare lines, repair adhesive sail, UP-gift


Backpack can be ordered optionally!

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