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Meru 2

Sophisticated performance

Sophisticated performance

Two-liner | Cells: 84 | Aspect ratio: 6.9 | Weight: 4.9 kg (size S) | Certification: EN/LTF D

A worthy successor to the MERU with a new top speed was the goal - and UP developer Frantisek "Franta" Pavlousek and our test pilot team succeeded. The MERU 2 (EN/LTF D) inspires with 84 cells and an aspect ratio of 6.9. In addition, there are some design tricks: Nylon rods at the leading edge and in the upper and lower sails, a new inner structure, maximised acceleration and a sleek profile throughout using a well thought-out mix of materials. The sum of these subtleties and their detailed coordination makes the MERU 2 so unique and interesting for competition pilots. Time to leave the pack behind!

Franta Pavlousek (UP glider desinger): “We significantly improved performance and top speed without neglecting the safety and the MERU´s famous flying easiness. This was the most important - and we can say the most difficult - part of the designing process. But we have been successful!”

  • Line diameter optimised for individual glider size to reduce induced drag
  • New generation "Shark Nose" - developed with the help of CFD (Computer Airflow Analysis)
  • Double 3D Panel Shaping & 3D Negative Panel Shaping for optimum leading edge profile fidelity
  • FSS (Front Section Support) & RSS (Rear Section Support) on top and bottom sail for high performance and stability in turbulence
  • Reduced drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Miniribs for an aerodynamically optimised trailing edge
  • BTS Brake Reefing System for best possible thermal performance
  • Precise riser concept for varying the angle of attack of the central and lateral canopy sections
  • C-Handles for efficient control via the C-plane