No frills, more thrills

No frills, more thrills

Take-off instead of descent!

The KAILASH offers demanding alpinists a minimalist and yet coherent overall package, where fun and also a bit of thrill are never neglected. Low weight (1.95 kilos / size 16) and a simultaneously robust material mix ensure balance in the backpack, just as in the air. The equally successful compromise between manoeuvrability and safety is reflected in the EN/LTF C classification, which is mild for a miniwing. This leaves room to test yourself.

What's new?

With the improved Porcher Skytex 27 Classic II, the latest double-coated lightweight fabric from the world market leader, we have selected a material that is up to three times more durable than conventional 27g materials. Strategically placed at the leading edge, where the most wear and tear occurs, the KAILASH is well prepared for rough take-offs. Thanks to reinforcements in the cell centres, the leading edge remains more stable in all situations, resulting in easy launches and improved glide performance - even when using the speed bar. The top speed can thus be fully exploited.

How does it fly?? The KAILASH's true leading edge and its overall small footprint on the ground allow for easy launches all around. If the launch site is very steep or covered in snow, the glider can also be easily attached to the ground using the "Snow Pins" attachment loops. These loosen automatically during take-off. Once in the air, this paraglider convinces with a respectable top speed and pleasantly dynamic handling, which makes it suitable for a wide range of wind conditions and also enables manoeuvres such as barrel rolls with a high wing loading. Soaring fans will also be pleased with the very direct control! Even small impulses are instantly implemented by the KAILASH. Here you can playfully approach dynamic flight - for as much thrill as desired to round off the mountain tour perfectly. When it comes to landing, by the way, the KAILASH convinces with excellent flair behaviour. A clear advantage over single skins.

Who is the KAILASH suitable for?

Advanced paragliders with alpine ambitions (hike & fly, mountain running, bivouac tours and corresponding competitions) will appreciate this lightweight miniwing of the EN/LTF C category as a robust and manoeuvrable descent aid with a small pack size. As a lightweight glider, we deliver the KAILASH with our extremely light risers made of Dyneema flat lines as standard, however, it can also be delivered with standard risers on request (when placing the order). This makes a difference in weight, but also in the demands on the pilot - This makes a difference in weight, but also in the demands on the pilot - because the standard riser guarantees easier riser handling. The minimalist line setup of the KAILASH consists of unsheathed Edelried Aramid lines. Tip: Those who like to combine their mountain tours with XC will find the perfect partner in our ultralight LHOTSE 2 (EN/LTF B) or our high-B KANGRI HPR.

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Included in the delivery: Inner bag in S size, riser bag, compression strap, UP gift, Skytex repair patche, UP Stickers.

Backpack can be ordered optionally!