Kangri X

Light XC star

Light XC star

2.5-liner | Cells: 55 | aspect ratio: 5.9 | weight: 3.3 kg (size 21) | certification: EN/LTF B

The KANGRI X (EN/LTF B) brings all the advantages of the hybrid construction as a 2.5-liner - hence the "X" aka "Cross" in the name - to the KANGRI range for the first time. Fans of hike & fly, bivouac flights, cross country and light luggage can thus look forward to more speed and an impressive glide angle. In addition to clever lightweight construction and a small pack size, attention has been paid to making the glider robust according to its area of use and to further refining its pleasant handling.

  • Hybrid 2.5-liner
  • Superlight fabric (Skytex 27 Classic II) for upper and lower sail
  • FSS (Front Section Support) and RSS (Rear Section Support) with 1.6 mm nylon rods
  • New optimised profile with flat shape for improved performance
  • Areofoil development in cooperation with an university in Praha
  • High Performance Risers with efficient C-Handles
  • BTS 2 Brake Reefing System
  • Ball bearing pulleys for an especially smooth accelerator
  • Miniribs for an aerodynamically optimised trailing edge
  • Unsheathed lines (Technora and Dyneema) and minimalist line layout for less drag
  • Swept back wingtips for improved handling and climbing

What's new?
The KANGRI X brings more top speed, an even better glide angle and pleasant stability due to its construction as a 2.5-liner. Compared to the KANGRI HPR, the High Performance Risers also benefit from the new line construction, which is reflected in the even more efficient usability of the C-Handles. There have also been some changes to the inner construction - weight has been reduced considerably, e.g. by using robust 1.6 mm rods instead of the previous 2.7 mm. The profile also differs from the previous model. Overall, it is easier to launch in light winds.

How does it fly?
Those who know the SUMMIT X (EN/ LTF B) will notice that the relationship to the KANGRI X is palpable. In fact, the KANGRI X is its lighter brother. Both share collapsing resistance, pitch stability and a penchant for converting even the smallest thermals into valuable height. The proven C-Handles also help here. The speed system keeps its promise, is easy to operate and complements the aforementioned extraordinary pitch stability perfectly. The KANGRI X rewards the courageous use of the throttle - what began as a hike & fly can quickly become an extensive cross-country flight under this wing. In short: it flies dynamically, precisely and agilely.

Who is the KANGRI X suitable for?
Weighing around 3.5 kilos, the KANGRI X is the ideal partner for mountain tours, bivouac flying and travelling. Its demands on the pilot correspond to those of the upper B-segment. This means that experience of at least 40 hours of airtime per year is recommended. Assuming active flying, the glider has enough safety reserves and performance to accompany talented B-class pilots, pleasure pilots and cross-country hunters a long way. If you want your paraglider to have a wide range of use, if you like to hike to the summit and often leave your local mountain behind, this is the glider for you.

What sizes are available?
Three series sizes (21, 23, 25) together cover a wide weight range from 68 to 110 kilos. If you often set out on bivouac flights with a lot of luggage, you should take this into account in terms of take-off weight. Generally speaking, the best performance of the KANGRI X is found in the upper weight range. Good to know in this context: The risers are constructed like those of SUMMIT X (EN/LTF B) and TRANGO X (EN/LTF C). This means that they are optimised for accelerated flight and individually trimmed with each of the three series sizes of the KANGRI X.

How should you pack and store the glider?
Packing the KANGRI X is comparatively easy despite the rods, as they have a smaller diameter and thus allow flexibility. Also, there is a gap of 5 cm between the front and rear rods - which means that it is easy to fold in between. However, as with any wing with rods, we recommend loose storage in the open CompressSmart. Prolonged storage in a closed compression stuff sack or sitting on the folded, packed glider should be avoided if possible.

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Included in delivery: "CompressSmart" compression pack, 1x set A-main-3 spare lines, 1x set B-main spare lines, repair adhesive sail, UP-gift

Share your adventures with the KANGRI X with us: #upkangrix

Backpack can be ordered optionally!

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