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Trango XC3

Performance at your fingertips (discontinued)

Performance at your fingertips (discontinued)

New benchmark in the EN C class (discontinued)

Building the replacement for a very popular wing is, in some respects, an thankless endeavour. On the one hand you can be fairly certain that it will be a success, on the other hand there's a good chance that finding things to actually improve is going to be really hard. This was very much the case during the development process of the Trango XC3.

Basically, the predecessor is still at the very top of its class in terms of gliding performance and climbing ability today, some 3 years after its introduction. This isn't to say that our pilots haven't sent feedback, they have, but it has almost exclusively been about top speed - so we started right there. The new Trango is many things, but it is first and last a more stable, faster wing, built to race even when there is no one around to race but the clock.

  • Improved top speed compared to the Trango XC2
  • Even more stable at speed too
  • Better, more efficient handling
  • Significantly (1-1.5kg) lighter in all sizes
  • 68 cells. High cell count contributes to the total shape integrity, important for maximum performance
  • New Generation Aerofoil
  • Long FSS (Front Section Support system) battens in leading edge - 2-liner technology
  • RSS (Rear Section Support system) Nylon batten over the C-level - more 2-liner technology
  • Light, efficient speed bar
  • New, more efficient riser design
  • 3D panel shaping
  • UP low-drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Total line consumption reduced even more compared to Trango XC2
  • Mini ribs along trailing edge
  • Very flat polar curve all the way from trim speed to top speed