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Trango X-Race

When you cant get enough

When you cant get enough

Refining a legend...

The Trango X-Race is tailored for the Red Bull X-Alps, but no less relevant for just about anyone keen to fly a high-performance wing, be it Sports Class competition or XC hounds, expedition freaks crossing remote mountain ranges on foot or in the air, or simply anyone who loves the feel of freedom a high-performance glider can offer.

2020 edition: This model is now also equipped with our popular snap-lock break handle as well as our C-steering handles.

  • Improved top speed
  • Improved glide and stability at top speed
  • Rear-riser control system, to work the AOA independently left and right, and keep the speed bar at pulley-to-pulley level even through turbulence
  • Around 450g lighter than the Trango XC3
  • New Generation "Sharknose" Aerofoil
  • Even lighter, more efficient speed bar due to new design and new Ronstan pulleys
  • New, more efficient riser design with improved longevity
  • 3D panel shaping
  • UP low-drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Mini ribs along trailing edge
  • Further improved polar curve especially at top speed
  • Long FSS (Front Section Support system) battens in leading edge ("2-liner technology")
  • RSS (Rear Section Support system) Nylon batten over the C-level

Further information about the Trango X-Race

When the Trango XC3 was first introduced, around 2 years ago, it completely changed how people saw the EN C class - never before did an EN C wing have the top-speed performance to just about keep up with the 2-liners in the CCC class. In the mean time the wing has found a large following all over the world, probably not least because it comes with all this amazing performance while remaining a thoroughly "EN C" class wing to fly. The new Trango X-Race follows closely in the footsteps of the XC3 but adds a number of features to the already long list that defines the XC3. Of these, the improved performance at full speed, and the fact that it now has efficient C-riser control, with a connection to the B-risers so that it flies more like a 2-liner, will likely excite you the most. 

The most obviously visible change when you first see the new wing, is the risers. Back when the XC3 was introduced, some pilots were disappointed that it wasn't from the outset built for rear-riser control. We've listened to this criticism, and made it a priority on newer performance wings like the Summit XC4 and the Trango X-Race, to build risers which allows the pilot the freedom of staying on the bar through the rough stuff and controlling pitch with the rear risers, rather than coming off the bar to control the surges.

We have also further refined the inner structure of the wing, to improve the performance at full bar. The new canopy maintains its shape even better when buffeted by turbulence, to the benefit of high-speed performance AND stability. To use an old proverb, this is a canopy that cuts through the rough bits like a hot knife through butter - you really have to try it to feel the difference.

The refinements inside, and some material changes, have allowed our designer to cut another ~450g from the total weight (M size). The weight reduction has further underlined the hike&fly pedigree of this high-performance wing, making it just about jump at you to take it on a big new Airborne Adventure somewhere.

The new canopy is sewn from a combination of proven, but light materials: NCV Porcher Sport 32g Universal and 27g Classic for the top surface. The bottom surface is 27g Classic, and the ribs, diagonals and mini ribs are cut from a combination of 32g and 27g Hard Finish from the same manufacturer.

The line set is made from a combination of Edelrid "Technora" lines, and Dyneema lines from Liros. Our research shows that this exact combination offers the best possible compromise for strength, dimensional stability and performance.

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In the box: Ergonomic UP Backpack in size L (size S is delivered with an M backpack as standard), new UP Parasleeve 2, UP Gift, UP Sticker

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