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Makalu 4

Flying should be FUN!

Flying should be FUN!

The new Makalu 4 is everything you ever dreamed of in the EN B class - it is SUPER stable, very easy and forgiving to fly, but has LOADS of FUN built in. Part of the FUN is the fact that you get such a reassuring, safety-conscious package all while the performance is so good - this wing won't let even your loftiest goals down, and its direct and sporty handling never becomes unsettling. It is literally built to explore on; explore the whole free-flying idea as well as explore in a geographical sense. There'll be schools out there who choose the Makalu 4 to teach on, and it is THE greatest tool for taking the first aerial steps out of school. You'll have FUN doing it,

  • Improved handling and better performance compared to the "3", but exactly as easy and safe to fly
  • 3-liner riser design - easy sorting of the lines, minimum drag = more performance
  • Mini-ribs in the trailing edge serve to keep that part of the wing under control in the air, and help performance too
  • Swept-back wingtips improve handling and stall characteristics just like on the higher rated wings
  • Improved riser design with RonstanTM pulleys for efficient use of the speed system with increased top speed
  • Improved handling and increased performance compared to the Makalu 3, but still the same kind of "safety first" glider
  • Front Section Support system (FSS) for perfect leading edge definition (=high speed stability), light weight and easy packing. Drag reduction by keeping the leading edge clean and in shape
  • Brake Tensioning System (BTS) for crisper handling and optimum tension on the trailing edge
  • 3D panel shaping - reduces the wrinkles in the canopy = better performance
  • UP-typical curved cell openings – stronger leading edge in turbulence and reduced drag
  • Magnetic poppers on the brake handles
  • Five sizes – XS, S, S/M, M and L – to cover a weight range from 55 to 130kgs

If you're relatively new to the whole free-flying thing, this wing will let you explore the boundaries without giving you a fright along the way - and if another wing already frightened you, this is JUST WHAT YOU NEED to get back in the saddle!

At UP we believe that flying should be FUN - it may be many other things too, but if it isn't FUN then why even bother? If you are passionate about having FUN then the UP Makalu 4 is right down your alley!

Just like the UP Makalu 3 predecessor, the Makalu 4 could really be used right from the word "go", i.e. right from the day you begin your training to become a paraglider pilot* but it is equally well-suited for long forays around your home site and far beyond. It strikes just the right balance between passive safety and in-flight dynamics to keep you entertained for years, and then we haven't even begun speaking of the performance...

The UP philosophy of having FUN doesn't mean that we're not focussed on performance - rather the opposite in fact. We believe that part of the fun is attaining your goals, even overflying them, and our wings are designed accordingly. Generally speaking, any UP wing will offer MORE performance than one normally sees in that particular class, and the new Makalu 4 is no exception; this is a wing for going far, and for doing it with surprising confidence all along. Much of the performance gain stems from the greatly reduced line consumption compared to the "3"; this wing uses almost 1/3 less line in each size! The rest is confidential ;-)

 *) Check logal regulations - in some countries only EN A wings are allowed for school use.

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In the box: Ergonomic Backpack size M, glider bag, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker.

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