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Trango X-Light²

Top performance made light

Top performance made light

setting new standards in the lightweight class

The Trango X-Light2 was purpose-built for the UP athletes in the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps. As from this season even X-Alps wings need to be certified, and while that may not be the best of news for manufacturers or X-Alps pilots it is GREAT news for someone looking for a certified lightweight performance paraglider, since it means that the specialist wings are now available for all to buy.
While working on the new wing it dawned on us that this was a good opportunity to address a shortcoming of the EN C certified Trango XC2, namely its top speed, which had to be limited a little for the wing to be certified in the C class. So although the X-Light 2 is in many ways simply a lighter version of that wing, we decided that we'd increase the top speed of the new design by some 5-7km/h, simply by increasing the accelerator travel quite substantially.
  • Based on the UP 2011 X-Alps wing flown by Toma Coconea and Ferdy van Schelven - top performance, but EASY to fly
  • High-performance 3-liner design with intelligent use of canopy-internal stiffening to maintain perfect airfoil shape at all speeds
  • Ball handles on the C risers for efficient pitch control during accelerated flight
  • UP-typical swept-back wingtips for good handling, easy stall characteristics and less induced drag. Improves handling too!
  • Low-drag BB pulleys on speed system to keep required effort down - good for long transitions at full bore
  • Extra long Airfoil Stabilizing System together with Mylar for perfect leading edge and canopy definition. Extra C-shaped Nylon rods over the C lines for improved load distribution. Basically the best of the 2-liner world without the drawbacks
  • No long rods in the wingtips, to reduce the risk of cravattes. In fact the wingtips may appear "flappy" at first - an important safety feature! If you haven't flown a 2-liner we promise that the solidity of the canopy in turbulence (aside from the wingtips) will be nothing short of a revelation...
  • Brake tensioning system (BTS) and Mini Ribs for crisper handling and optimum tension on the trailing edge at all angles of attack
  • UP low-drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Unsheathed lines everywhere



As any Trango XC2 pilot can testify, that wing feels like it is only just getting the revs up when the pulleys meet, and that is where some of the more radical designs in the D category start to slowly creep away. But the X-Light2 will have no more of that - being so much faster than the XC2, we expect it to keep up with the 2-liners easy enough, and if the performance of the XC2 is anything to go by then we're getting all excited about flying comps again!

But at the end of the day that wasn't the primary reason to build this wing - it was and is the X-Alps. So our R&D team have been hard at work shaving grammes off the design, and they have managed to reduce the weight of the wing by more than 1 kg in all sizes. On top of that you may order special Dyneema risers (they are sold separately) which reduce the weight by another 200g! This gives a high-performance wing with 67 chambers that weighs in at only 4.9kg in size M; your back will love you for it!

The character of the wing is 100% XC2; it is a SUPER friendly design with no hidden vices, but in this class we need hardly remind anyone that big whacks at full bore can be exciting.

We think the wing is suited for a very large range of pilots; it could be Open Class lovers feeling lost in a world of deep stalls and cascades, it could be comp pilots unwilling to step into the aforementioned world, it could be para-alpinists wanting MUCH more performance than what you get out of a typical hike&fly wing, or globetrotters like our own Stefan "Boxi" Bocks who travel the world looking for deeply committed vol-biv adventures - or it could just be a Trango XC2 pilot looking for that little bit of extra, fully legal! speed!

Whichever of these categories you belong in we think you'll have a ball on this wing!

Life expectancy

This wing is built from lighter-than-normal materials. It should be treated with care and respect, but if you do so we don't expect it to be a much less durable product. As with any paraglider, don't leave it out in the sun when you're not flying it, don't drag it along the ground, don't trash it around in strong winds on abrasive launches and you'll be fine :-)

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