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Summit XC3

Above the clouds (discontinued)

Above the clouds (discontinued)

the stability you need - the performance you crave (discontinued)

The EN B class is turning into the widest paraglider class there is, spanning the whole range from straight-out-of-school wings like the Makalu Series, over friendly performance wings like the Kantega Series, to all-out XC machines. The new UP Summit XC3, UP's fourth current wing in the EN B class, is intended for cross country pilots who just cannot get enough performance from their EN B wing. It is UP's specific response to those pilots who loved the glide performance of the Kantega XC2 in still air, but thought they needed more ooopmh when the going got tough - the Summit XC3 has the oomph, and an even more impressive glide angle, in spite of having inherited much of the relaxed feel pilots have come to appreciate in the Kantega XC2. The Summit XC3 is not built to be a pilots' first introduction to the EN B class however - we have the Makalu 3 and the Kantega XC2 for that - but if you're ready for the next level, yet you don't feel the need to head into the EN C category, then the Summit XC3 is your wing.

  • New Generation Aerofoil - perfect internal pressure at all angles of attack,
  • High A/R of 6.3 (flat) - awesome climbing even in weak conditions, but due to high arc design still very manageable handling and safety,
  • New Brake Tensioning System (BTS2) - perfect handling and great climbing ability,
  • BB pulleys used throughout on the speed system - soft, efficient speed bar,
  • New speed system which changes the AoA differently across the span - more stability at high speeds, collapses rare and more benign (hence the EN B rating),
  • 3D panel shaping: less wrinkles in the canopy - better performance and higher collapse resistance,
  • New low-drag line layout using just 2 lines/riser - minimum drag, better performance,
  • Swept-back wingtips - improved handling, better climbing,
  • Mini ribs at the trailing edge - perfect trailing edge definition for improved climb and more comfortable ride,
  • Optimised combination of Dyneema (lower and middle lines) and Technora (all the rest) - stable AoA even in strong turbulence, no unwanted pitching upon thermal entry,
  • Trango XC2 inspired "2-liner technology" FSS* battens in the leading edge and RSS** over the C attachment points - perfect aerofoil definition, but easy packing due to shorter battens than on the 2-liners and the Trango XC2

*) Front Section Support system

**) Rear Section Support system

Pilots who loved the Summit XC2 will feel right at home on the new Summit incarnation. It has the same reassuring feel, but being a completely new design it does offer a sharper handling and quite a bit higher performance figures in real-life flying.

And speaking of performance, the Summit XC3 is a wing designed with top performance in mind. The flat aspect ratio of 6.3  is high for this class, but with the design being quite a high-arc one the projected A/R is less extreme, to the benefit of handling and safety. As usual with UP wings, the new design has no hidden vices which could jump out and bite you when you least expect it. The handling has been refined until all our test pilots were happy, so that you can be sure to sit at the top of the stack, ready to glide out on new mile-munching adventures, every time you thermal.

Traditionally, high aspect ratio gives an advantage in light lift but is somewhat penalised in high-speed glides, since the extra lines needed to keep all that span in check add parasitic drag to the configuration especially at higher speeds. Our R&D guys have addressed that oxymoron by refining the line layout so that the Summit XC3, in spite of the high A/R, has even less lines than wings with much lower A/R - this translates into the best of both worlds; amazing thermalling properties AND top performance at high speeds.

The UP R&D team has chosen a completely new aerofoil for the newest Summit Series incarnation. We call it the New Generation Aerofoil, and it excells through the ability to maintain internal pressure constant at all angles of attack. This translates into more collapse-resistance and more solidity throughout the speed range.

As a high-performance wing, the Summit XC3 utilises unsheathed lines throughout (main brake line is the exception). The unsheathed lines are stronger and generate less drag than their sheathed counterparts, an important consideration when building wings with class-bursting performance. The speed system has also been carefully designed to bring ease-of-use as well as considerable speed increase at your, err, toe tips...

The new Summit XC3 comes in 3 all-new standard colour combinations (see below) and can be ordered in custom colours at a surcharge.

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In the box: Ergonomic Backpack in size L except for the XS size, which comes with the M backpack as standard, glider bag, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker

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