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Trango XC2

Free yourself

Free yourself

reliability and safety in the XC and competition class - DISCONTINUED MODEL!

The Trango XC2 is built for performance-oriented pilots unwilling to compromise their personal safety in their quest for personal achievement. It is a high-performance 3-liner design, with nothing short of astounding passive safety for a wing of this character.

The wing uses all the latest technology – this includes Mylar-supported Nylon battens in the leading edge and along the top surface, Nylon battens above the C attachment points, mini ribs, limited BRS on the trailing edge, plus the UP typical swept-back wingtips; all combine to create a homogeneous, predictable high-performance design that will suit an unusually wide performance pilot segment. The Trango XC2 is specifically built to offer XC League pilots stress-free high-performance flying, enabling them to stay focussed and relaxed for longer, so they can take full advantage of every XC day.

  • Based on the UP 2011 X-Alps wing flown by Toma Coconea and Ferdy van Schelven - top performance, but EASY to fly
  • High-performance 3-liner design with intelligent use of canopy-internal stiffening to maintain perfect airfoil shape at all speeds
  • Ball handles on the C risers for efficient pitch control during accelerated flight
  • UP-typical swept-back wingtips for good handling, easy stall characteristics and less induced drag. Improves handling too!
  • Low-drag BB pulleys on speed system to keep required effort down - good for long transitions at full bore
  • Extra long Airfoil Stabilizing System together with Mylar for perfect leading edge and canopy definition. Extra C-shaped Nylon rods over the C lines for improved load distribution. Basically the best of the 2-liner world without the drawbacks
  • No long rods in the wingtips, to reduce the risk of cravattes. In fact the wingtips may appear "flappy" at first - an important safety feature! If you haven't flown a 2-liner we promise that the solidity of the canopy in turbulence (aside from the wingtips) will be nothing short of a revelation...
  • Brake tensioning system (BTS) and Mini Ribs for crisper handling and optimum tension on the trailing edge at all angles of attack
  • UP low-drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Unsheathed lines everywhere

Additional important points about the Trango XC 2

Put bluntly, the Trango XC² is UP's response to the difficult situation which the comp scene is in at the moment; with the classic Serial Class having been corrupted by the advent of competition wings in this class, pilot who were once keenly battling it out in the Serial Class are now forced to focus on the Sports Class instead. Enter the Trango XC², a wing that flies like the Serial Class of old, only better, but is certified in the EN C class!

As an added benefit, pilots NOT interested in comps now have a high-performance wing that is EXTREMELY friendly to fly, and will be the ULTIMATE cross country weapon for the very keen in that segment for the coming seasons. Just imagine how much longer you can stay lucid when the wing just IS, and all you need to do is concentrate on the route...

The Trango XC² is a true 3-liner, with the ultra-simple riser layout associated with this design. Sorting lines and risers on launch is child's play and is reminiscent of a school wing except these risers are the low-drag narrow version which have graced the UP performance designs for more than 10 years.

As with most recent UP wings the Trango XC² likes to be flown at the middle of the weight range, with the option to load her up a bit on strong, fast days. She can be flown efficiently on the rear risers, which have been equipped with ball grips for just that, or she can be controlled in the usual fashion, just like we learned when we were young.

The speed system is built to be used with one foot only, as most pod harness users do. It is light and user-friendly and will quickly become second nature for the Trango XC² pilot, but to get the most of it we recommend you fly it using a pod harness like the Fast Pro² or the Fast XC - with these harnesses, the speed bar is always RIGHT where you need it, and it makes a world of difference to your transistion efficiency.

The Trango XC² has quite a bit of an internal "life", with fairly long Nylon leading edge reinforcements, and also quite a bit of Nylon above the C attachments. This means you will want to pack her with care each time, and we deliver her with the UP Protec accordion packing bag for that same reason. Once she's out of the bag she behaves EXACTLY like a classical wing only better, so there's no need to feel intimidated by all the Nylon in the canopy. Anyone thinking she'll launch like a 2-liner for it is incidently just completely wrong - she launches like a school wing every time...

The extensive internal canopy reinforcement stops short of the wingtips in order to improve handling and reduce the risk of cravattes. As already mentioned the wingtips may even appear "flappy" in the beginning - we consider this an important safety feature, which incidently also improves the handling of the wing and contributes to the very narrow turning radius of this design.

As a final note please consider that this wing WAS in fact designed to be an EN D wing, albeit a "classic" EN D wing. This means that although it is certified EN C it may not be the first choice for newcomers to the EN C class - the Summit XC² is perfect for that - but if you have been flying EN C for a while and were thinking of moving to the EN D class, yet you don't feel like going for a full-on 2-liner, then this is the wing for you!

The handling is very precise, very light and simply exudes efficiency. Although something of a paragliding marketing cliché, this wing really does turn on a dime! You'll be wanting to take each thermal higher than you need, just because throwing this girl around is so much fun...

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