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Trango XC2

Free yourself

Free yourself

reliability and safety in the XC and competition class - DISCONTINUED MODEL!

The Trango XC2 is built for performance-oriented pilots unwilling to compromise their personal safety in their quest for personal achievement. It is a high-performance 3-liner design, with nothing short of astounding passive safety for a wing of this character.

The wing uses all the latest technology – this includes Mylar-supported Nylon battens in the leading edge and along the top surface, Nylon battens above the C attachment points, mini ribs, limited BRS on the trailing edge, plus the UP typical swept-back wingtips; all combine to create a homogeneous, predictable high-performance design that will suit an unusually wide performance pilot segment. The Trango XC2 is specifically built to offer XC League pilots stress-free high-performance flying, enabling them to stay focussed and relaxed for longer, so they can take full advantage of every XC day.

  • Based on the UP 2011 X-Alps wing flown by Toma Coconea and Ferdy van Schelven - top performance, but EASY to fly
  • High-performance 3-liner design with intelligent use of canopy-internal stiffening to maintain perfect airfoil shape at all speeds
  • Ball handles on the C risers for efficient pitch control during accelerated flight
  • UP-typical swept-back wingtips for good handling, easy stall characteristics and less induced drag. Improves handling too!
  • Low-drag BB pulleys on speed system to keep required effort down - good for long transitions at full bore
  • Extra long Airfoil Stabilizing System together with Mylar for perfect leading edge and canopy definition. Extra C-shaped Nylon rods over the C lines for improved load distribution. Basically the best of the 2-liner world without the drawbacks
  • No long rods in the wingtips, to reduce the risk of cravattes. In fact the wingtips may appear "flappy" at first - an important safety feature! If you haven't flown a 2-liner we promise that the solidity of the canopy in turbulence (aside from the wingtips) will be nothing short of a revelation...
  • Brake tensioning system (BTS) and Mini Ribs for crisper handling and optimum tension on the trailing edge at all angles of attack
  • UP low-drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Unsheathed lines everywhere


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