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NEW! Trango X

Thursday, 22 December 2022

Finally, the new Trango X is here! Following the example of its predecessors, the new Trango X is once again a glider with an insatiable appetite for performance!

NEW! Trango X

The new one is now based on a completely revised wing profile, which was realised in many years of cooperation with a renowned technical university. The new profile allows for a much greater speed gain between trim and fully accelerated flight, which on the one hand allows you to make the most of thermals at moderate speed, while on the other hand you have impressive speed reserves for demanding glide passages up your sleeve. The lower aspect ratio combined with the new profile makes the new Trango X more collapsible and generally more accessible, although performance has been noticeably increased. The new two Leiner-hybrid line setup now allows for even more efficient control over the C-plane, efficiently transmitting important information from the canopy to you and thus perfectly rounding off the Trango X!