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We congratulate Ulrich Scheller on his phenomenal flight last Sunday! His FAI triangle earned him a whopping 484.59 points at DHV XC. Maximum altitude: 3599 meters! We are sure the view was tremendous. Keep up the good work, Ulrich!

More information about the flight can be found here.
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UP team pilot Peter Hilger has set a new record in his flying area: from Böhming he flew an incredible 290 kilometers with the TRANGO X (EN/LTF C) towards Kaiserslautern, landing in Lauschied. The flight took 6:49 hours. Congratulations on the “Böhming record”!
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Tuesday, 14 May 2024 12:08

304 km with the MERU 2!

Congratulations to UP team pilot Martin Bühler on his 304-kilometer flight (flat triangle) with the MERU 2 (EN/LTF D) in Switzerland/France! His conclusion: “It's fun with the MERU 2. A completely different average speed is possible.” In his case, it was 32.5 km/h. The flight on 11.05.2024 lasted a total of 9:34 hours and took off from Riederalp in Valais. The turnpoint was near Charmonix with an enviable view of Mont Blanc. Keep up the good work, Martin!
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Tuesday, 07 May 2024 10:16

UP Webshop coming soon

UP is currently working on a new website. In advance (between May 10-15), there will be a new webshop for end customers - with T-shirts, accessories and spare parts. Paragliders will continue to be available exclusively through our dealer network. The webshop is currently limited to shipping within Germany, but other countries will follow soon.
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Ziad Bassil will soon be testing our KANGRI X (EN/LTF B) and KIBO X (EN/LTF B) for his blog “Dust of the Universe”. We are looking forward to his report and summarize the differences between the two B wings for you here:


- 2.5-liner

- Lightweight wing with full XC potential (3.3 kilos in size 21)

- At the top of the B class in terms of performance and requirements

- Favorite of the bivouac flyers among the UP team pilots


- First 2.5-liner for the middle B-class!

- Robust mix of materials for local mountain soaring to cross-country flying

- Fine-tuned handling and new top speed are popular with intermediates and advanced pilots

- Five standard sizes from XS to L

Still have questions or want a test flight? Then get in touch with your UP dealer or contact us directly.
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