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NEW! Kangri HPR, Summit XC4 HPR, and Trango X-Race HPR!

Monday, 28 March 2022

Our development team has succeeded in significantly improving the existing glider models Kangri, Summit XC4, and Trango X-Race with a well-thought-out modification! Thus, we present the new 2022 versions: The HPR series!

NEW! Kangri HPR, Summit XC4 HPR, and Trango X-Race HPR!

The gliders are now equipped with the completely new HPR riser concept (High-Performance Risers). Thanks to this innovative feature, the glider can now be controlled very sensitively and smoothly via the C-lines in any flight situation (pitch control, straight-line flight, turning into the thermals, etc.). With the help of the HPR system, you can control the angle of attack of your performance wing even better and without deformation of the original profile over the entire speed range. What this means for you: Additional performance with improved and energy-saving glider handling! Completely in keeping with the model of the 2-liner!

Our chief designer Frantisek Pavlousek says: "After we found out that the HPR system is a significant improvement for our performance screens, we decided to release the Kangri, the Summit XC4, and the Trango X-Race in the HPR version for our fiftieth anniversary!"

More info at the product pages: 

Summit XC4 HPR: www.up-paragliders.com/en/products/paragliders/summit-xc4-2_hpr

Kangri HPR: www.up-paragliders.com/en/products/paragliders/kangri-hpr

Trango X-Race HPR: www.up-paragliders.com/en/products/paragliders/trango-x-race-hpr