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Trango X-Race HPR

When you cant get enough

When you cant get enough

The new Trango X-Raceᴴᴾᴿ

The Trango X-Raceᴴᴾᴿ is tailored for the Red Bull X-Alps, but no less relevant for just about anyone keen to fly a high-performance wing, be it Sports Class competition or XC hounds, expedition freaks crossing remote mountain ranges on foot or in the air, or simply anyone who loves the feel of freedom a high-performance glider can offer.

The glider is now equipped with the completely new HPR riser concept (High Performance Risers). Thanks to this innovative feature, the glider can now be controlled very sensitively and smoothly via the C-plane in any flight situation (pitch control, straight-line flight, turning into the thermals, etc.).



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