16th Paragliding World Championship

Thursday, 08 August 2019

The 16th Paragliding World Championship is taking place in Krushevo, Macedonia from the 5th-18th of August 2019.

16th Paragliding World Championship

Photo: Elisabeth Egger

Situated at an altitude of 1350m, Krushevo is the highest town in the Balkans and a stunning location for this year’s World Championship; the plains out front provide the perfect paragliding playground.
Krushevo has built up an excellent reputation as the base for both national and international paragliding competitions over the past ten years and is a very worthy venue for this most prestigious event.
This year we celebrate 30 years of the Paragliding World Championship. The best in the World are coming from all over the World, with 150 pilots taking part from 48 different countries; bringing flying friends together from as far afield as Argentina, Japan, Iceland and New Zealand.
Six previous World champions will be taking part: Pierre Remy (2017), Honorin Hamard (2015) and Charles Cazaux (2011). And in the Ladies’ ranking: Seiko Fukuoka Naville (2015, 2017), Klaudia Bulgakow (2013) and Petra Slivova (2003, 2007, 2011).
The top 15 from the Europeans in 2016 in Krushevo will all be reunited here once again for what promises to be an amazing competition.
Just a reminder that you can keep up with all the action on http://pgworlds2019.mk where you can read the live Commentary, follow the pilots on the tracking, keep up with all the scores and relive each task thanks to the very talented Mr Broers.

 UP pilots in the game:

  • Elisabeth Egger, Austria
  • Daria Krasnova, Russia
  • Khobi-Jane Bowden, South Africa
  • Ewa Korneluk Guzy, Germany
  • Vijay Soni, India
  • Mark Hardman, New Zealand
  • Gurpreet Dhindsa, India
  • Jungman Choi, Korea
  • Aleksei Korobkov, Russia
  • Tudor Dorobantu, Romania
  • Jacek Gorski, Poland
  • Steven Semish, Canada
  • Theunis de Bruin, New Zealand

We wish all pilots great flights, lots of fun and always safe landings!