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Ascent 3

Ready to go into the 3rd dimension?

Ready to go into the 3rd dimension?

for students and beginners - total ease of mind

The new UP Ascent 3 is the perfect companion for newer pilots, be they under tuition or recently out of school. It follows in the footsteps of the EN B Makalu 3, a wing tested by the DHV (German Free Flight Federation) to be even friendlier to fly than many EN A wings - imagine what the same design team can do with an EN A wing then! The Ascent 3 is as safe as it gets if the going gets rough, but it is still a fun and inspiring wing to fly! Learning should be FUN - the Ascent 3 makes sure it is.

  • Logical, systematic line layout with very few lines - no line tangles!
  • Very wide weight range in all sizes - perfect for schools!
  • Perfect launching characteristics even with sup-optimal launching skills - less stress, more FUN
  • 3D panel shaping: less wrinkles in the canopy - better performance and higher collapse resistance
  • Line layout with minimum drag - better performance to take you higher, sooner
  • Swept-back wingtips - improved handling, better climbing
  • Brake Tensioning System: Trailing edge tension is good for handling and safety, but influences performance negatively. With BTS the tension is only there when you need it
  • Exchangeable Front Section Support system (FSS) Nylon battens in the leading edge - a lifetime of perfect leading edge shape
At UP we consider the first wing you buy to be the most important one in your whole flying career. Our new EN A wing, the UP Ascent 3, takes that premise seriously!
Two years of dedicated R&D went into the designing of the new UP EN A wing, now we're excited to show it to the World; we think it matches the above premise PERFECTLY! It is above all a wing that makes learning to paraglide, and progressing to more distant goals, an easy, inspiring and FUN thing to do. We have refined everything, from the launching via the handling to the landing characteristics, and the result is that you need not occupy valuable mental resources on glider issues while learning - this wing just IS. Once you have progressed a bit you will learn to appreciate the pedigree UP handling and performance, but to begin with all you want to know is that the wing takes good care of you - and it does.
One feature to really thrill the beginners out there is the auto-centring abilities of the Ascent 3; once the vario starts beeping, just pull on a random brake toggle and the wing will find the best core all by itself, letting you outclimb mates on far more demanding designs with total ease. With our tongues firmly in our cheeks we could call this PFBR (PostFlyingBraggingRights) guaranteed...
Our R&D department has deliberately made each size's weight range very wide so that schools can be certain to always have a size that matches their students - for private and XC use we have a somewhat narrower "optimum weight range" in which the wing performs optimally, but for the school hill the most important thing is to be within the official certified range, and the Ascent 3 extra-wide weight ranges makes sure this is always the case.
At the time of introduction the Ascent 3 is available in 3 colour combinations (see below).
Available in four sizes, covering a weight range of 55-135kgs, this wing will make learning to fly, and to fly far, the best fun you have ever had!
In the box: Ergonomic Backpack in size M, glider bag, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker.

Read more about the UP backpack here!



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