Kantega XC2

Aim higher

Aim higher

It is all about performance

The UP Kantega XC2 is built to perform. It is a direct UP response to the new breed of EN B wings that our sport are seeing; wings which, in spite of their EN B rating, are capable of taking their pilots on long Alpine FAI triangles through the most challenging conditions.

  • High usable top speed, flat polar curve
  • ASS and BTS for better handling and high thermaling efficiency
  • BB pulleys on risers – soft, efficient speed bar intended to become second nature for the pilot
  • Brake handle swivels – no brakeline tangles
  • New Ultragrip UP brake handles
  • Swept-back wingtips for better handling and improved climbing
  • Trailing edge miniribs for optimal aerofoil definition
  • Unsheathed gallery lines combined with sheathed low diameter Dyneema main lines - ideal combination of safety with reduced line drag
  • Logical and systematic line layout for perfect shape of canopy with low line consumption

The UP Kantega XC2 is not your classical performance paraglider; although it possesses the performance of such a wing, it has nothing of the demanding flying characteristics normally associated with performance on this scale. It is designed to excel in the most demanding conditions, allowing its pilot the opportunity to make the most of every flying day out.

The EN B class is the most important in any paraglider manufacturer's range – some 70-80% of all wings sold globally are EN B wings. This means that there must be something for almost everybody in this class, and the Kantega XC2 is for the XC hounds out there. It has the performance to allow them to reach their ambitious goals, but in a package where the safety and ease of use aren't compromised. This translates into less wing-related stress along the way, allowing more mental ressouces to be allocated to tactical and strategic considerations. Our test flights have shown that pilots tend to land with big smiles and a craving for more after every outing, and that has got to be a good thing for an XC wing.

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In the box: Ergonomic Backpack in size M for all but the largest glider model, which comes with the L back pack as standard, glider bag, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker.

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