Makalu Light

Flying with ease

Flying with ease

para-alpinist in mind

A Makalu 3 at heart, only lighter – on your back as well as on your mind. Designed for the easy end of the EN B spectre, but with the para-alpinist in mind – launch, handling, landing, carrying – all as light'n easy as it gets. Sublime handling, nippy character, albeit with no twitchyness - and the performance of a much higher rated wing.

  • Wide weight range in all sizes: Choose one that fits your intended use
  • Sublime line control through extremely simple riser design: No stress even on high-Alpine launches
  • 3D panel shaping: less wrinkles in the canopy, better performance and higher collapse resistance
  • Half-moon shaped cell openings: better leading edge definition, sexy look
  • Nylon-reinforced leading edge: Small, interchangeable battens ensure perfect leading edge definition for the entire life span of the wing. This translates into easy launching, always.
  • Brake Tensioning System: Trailing edge tension is good for handling and safety, but influences performance negatively. With BTS the tension is only there when you need it