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Harness and backpack in one

Harness and backpack in one

Allround harness

The Alpine is UP's new reversible harness, made for pilots for whom, say, a Nanga is just way over the top heavy and bulky. By building the harness into the paraglider backpack the designers have accomplished something of a Columbus' egg in that the main achilles heel of lightweight harnesses (passive safety) has been fixed without adding weight or bulk to the total package - even with a super lightweight kit you'd still need the backpack to carry it in, so why not put it to good use?

  • Backpack doubles as an inflatable airbag, providing good back protection
  • In combination with the airbag under the seat excellent overall protection
  • Sublimely comfortable harness that will keep your body fit even for prolonged vol bivouac adventures
  • Well-suited for travelling, where weight and bulk is almost always an issue
  • No integrated reserve container – consider combining it with the UP Profile Light reserve parachute, which conveniently attaches to the main 'biners
  • Lightweight UP alu 'biners
  • Extra buckle on the chest strap to adjust sensitivity in the air
  • Available in 3 sizes, covering pilot sizes from <170cm to="">180cm.