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Edge XR

The UP 2-liner

The UP 2-liner

More than just a new Edge

Although speed has been the name of the game for a few years already the new 2-liner technology has changed the game of racing paragliders once again - tasks are flown faster, with more gliding and less climbing, than ever before. This puts the emphasis in glider design on the gliding, and on building wings that will not only convert every little bump into altitude, but also let its pilot sniff out buoyant lines along their tracks so that the thermalling is reduced to a minimum. Contrary to what you may think it HAS NOT made the game less exciting - just different.

It’s not enough to make a wing that can go well in a straight line, because try as we may we still need to thermal quite a lot during the average task. And when we have the altitude we think we need for that final dash to the goal line we also need to have a wing that will remain open through it all, in spite of travelling at a TAS of 65km/h or more!
The new Edge XR does all that and more! Built for speed, it nonetheless has trimmers to slow it down in the weak stuff, plus you can open the trimmers to go fast with no exertion in still air, or use them together with the very light and efficient speed system on final glides. Put together this could be the most well-rounded and harmonious comp wing currently available, although we hardly need to tell you that it isn't for beginners, nor should the impressive top speed be approached without caution.
2-liner technology
Flying a 2-liner is both entirely similar and totally different from flying old school paragliders. On glide the wing is controlled to 100% with the handles on the B-risers - most proficient 2-liner pilots ONLY use the brakes for thermalling and flaring, everything else is done through the B-risers. Due to the very high inherent stability of the canopy it can be flown much faster through much more vigorous turbulence than we have been used to - provided the pilot controls the pitching moment through the B-risers.
In order to support the whole chord of a paraglider canopy with just two rows of line some creative thinking is called for. The Edge XR sports two Nylon battens for each cell wall, one going along the top surface from the cell opening to around mid-chord, the other continuing this line from around 5cm further back.
Line material dimensions
The Edge XR uses a mix of Aramide and Dyneema lines in the following dimensions: 0.50/0.65/0.75/0.95/1.15/1.45/1.6
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