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Trango X-Light²

Top performance made light

Top performance made light

setting new standards in the lightweight class

The Trango X-Light2 was purpose-built for the UP athletes in the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps. As from this season even X-Alps wings need to be certified, and while that may not be the best of news for manufacturers or X-Alps pilots it is GREAT news for someone looking for a certified lightweight performance paraglider, since it means that the specialist wings are now available for all to buy.
While working on the new wing it dawned on us that this was a good opportunity to address a shortcoming of the EN C certified Trango XC2, namely its top speed, which had to be limited a little for the wing to be certified in the C class. So although the X-Light 2 is in many ways simply a lighter version of that wing, we decided that we'd increase the top speed of the new design by some 5-7km/h, simply by increasing the accelerator travel quite substantially.
  • A lightweight version of the UP Trango XC2 - and with a higher top speed
  • Safe and EASY 3-liner design, but with the performance and top speed of a 2013 comp wing
  • Increased speed system travel compared to the XC2, for greater speed range and higher top speed
  • UP-typical swept-back wingtips for good handling, easy stall characteristics and less induced drag. Improves handling too!
  • Optional Dyneema risers available as aftermarket accessory - shave off another 200g! (available soon!)
  • Thinner, more pliable Nylon rods in LE and over the C attachment points - same performance, less weight and less packing volume/hassle
  • VERY confidence-inspiring handling and passive safety - a relaxing wing to fly
  • Just over one kg lighter than the XC2 in all sizes
  • UP low-drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Unsheathed lines everywhere