Test report on MERU 2 (EN/LTF D) from "Dust of the Universe"

Tuesday, 02 April 2024

Ziad Bassil, known for his blog "Dust of the Universe", has flown the MERU 2 (accompanied by a ZENO 2 pilot - an interesting comparison) and published a review. The full text can be read on his blog - we share his conclusion here for you.

Conclusion: "The Meru 2 has a different feel from the Meru 1 while having the same comfort underneath. I felt it is better to load it when conditions are strong probably to get that snappy turn and feel. In moderate conditions, flying it at 98 (kg / talking of size SM) is ok. The glide at the speed bar seems very good with a stiff solid feel from the glider. I could prefer softer brakes and a quicker turn radius, but as I mentioned on good days, a loaded Meru 2 is an efficient gliding machine to go far or to win comps." (Ziad Bassil, Mach 9th 2024)

Test report on MERU 2 (EN/LTF D) from "Dust of the Universe"



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