NEW! Accessories

Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Just in time for the upcoming new year, we have a number of new accessories that we would like to introduce:

NEW! Accessories

- Flex Cap: the stylish Flexfit® Cap with detailed UP logo embroidery is both breathable and water repellent thanks to hybrid fabric, keeping your head dry and cool. The combination of a customisable cap with Flexfit technology makes our Flex Cap the ultimate comfortable and stylish one-size-fits-all cap.

Flex Cap:

- UP Vesuvius2: the further development of our popular pilot glove gets a number of useful detail upgrades with the "Vesuvius2". For example, the knitted cuffs at the wrist have been extended slightly for even more comfort and a seamless transition with your outerwear. The Vesuvius2 is now also equipped with elastic wrist straps, so that the glove can be taken off mid-air without the risk of losing it to gravity...

Glove Vesuv 2: