UP Iran

Wednesday, 06 November 2019

The success story of UP Iran begins 2018 when Endless Blue Paragliding becomes our new partner. 

UP Iran

Hamed Delshad, Mohammad Koraee and Shahia Mohammadi from Endless Blue Paragliding Iran are on fire! Since mid 2018 they are official UP partner in this beautiful country that offers paragliding all year and has high potential for xc and comp flying. We are very happy to see that Hamed, Mohammad and Shahia could increase the appeareance of UP paragliders significantely and are contributing a huge part to our succes story since then.

In 2019 UP pilots could fly big distances on our EN-D 2-liner Meru in Iran:

  • Alirezvan Delshad flies 208 km from Behshahr along the mountain ridge to east. You'll find his flight here.
  • Khabaat Iranpour flies 240 km in only 6 hours achieving a maximum altitude of more that 5000m! Check out his flight here.


Also in competitions our Iranian friends could achieve great results:

  • Hamed Delshad wins Sports Class of the PreWorld Cup Superfinal Test on his Trango X-Race in Aksaray/Turkey in August 2019.
  • Mohammad Koraee makes podium with a third place in sport class on his Trango X-Race at the Iranian Paragliding Championships in Chenar Sharq in September 2019. Shahriar Mohammadi makes 4th place in sports class on our brand-new Kangri.


Our Quality Manager Matthias Hartman visited our Iranian importers in September this year. He could fly a lot and got to know the flying community as well as culture and country. During the National Championships he gave a presentation about glider development and design to ca 70 interested pilots and was interviewd by the national TV. Matthias returned home from an exciting travel to Iran, full of nice memories, new impressions and stoked by the Iranian hospitality. 

Take a look at the image gallery below and get inspired by our beautiful sport in Iran.

Could we also rise your interested in the Iranian flying scene? Then follow our partners on Instagram and youtube! :)