Coupe Icare/Expo Fassa 2019

Monday, 30 September 2019

Also this year we are looking back on two very succesful exhibitions at the Coupe Icare and Expo Fassa.

Coupe Icare/Expo Fassa 2019

We presented our new B gliders, Kibo2 and Kangri as well as the new Shirt Circle in terracotta. Besides the actual products we had also promising news from our reserarch&development department. Amongst them two totally new glider models for 2020:

--> new EN-A+ glider

--> new Acro glider

--> new Lhotse2

 You are for sure as excited as we are about these pleasant news :)

Thank you for visiting us at the UP booth and a special thanks to our Team pilots and partner for the huge support!



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