UP glider trim

Thursday, 16 May 2019

To be sure you'll have the best glider trim we want to inform about following:

UP glider trim

As you may have already noticed, most of our gliders are delivered with a trim loop on the the C-lines and the Stabilo. These trim loops are necessary to compensate for the unavoidable change of line length after the first few flights. These changes in line length depend on climatic conditions, storage of the glider, maneuvers, types of used lines and other influences. Normally the A- and B-lines stretch a bit due to the higher load on the front of the canopy, while the C-lines usually remain unchanged or may even shrink a bit. As result, the glider becomes slower due to the higher angle of attack. For our gliders Ascent4, Mana, Makalu 4, Lhotse, Kibo, Kibo2 it is therefore recommended to open the trim loops on the C-level (CI, II and CIII) to counteract this effect after 20 hours of airtime. To do this, open the quicklink and loosen the trim loop. This is shown in the two pictures. After opening the trim loops please make sure that the quicklinks are locked tight and secure. Your dealer will be happy to help you with this small adjustment. For Summit XC4 and Trango X Race, this measure is not necessary unless there is a noticeable change in trim speed. However, we recommend a performance check at least once a year in order to maintain the best possible trim. For Guru and Meru, the recommended trim check is described in the respective manual - for peak performance in XC and competition, a more frequent trim check is recommended for this gliders.



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