Guru - first impressions

Monday, 28 January 2019

Pilots worldwide are sharing their feedback on the new Guru with us:

Guru - first impressions

Photo: Carlos Hernandez

"I am loving the new wing. It has the best handling! Super crisps precise turning. The brakes are very responsive and progressive pressure. It takes very little brake to keep the glider moving even in rougher air. The speed bar pressure is medium and easy to control on the rear risers with light pressure on the risers. It's very comfortable in flight. I only have 7hrs on the glider but feel very much at home and feel very competitive against anything out there. I can't wait to get in the air again." (David Wainwright, Australia)

"I can say that the Guru is performing impressingly well. The handling is smooth and the turn behaviour is very precise, the wing glides very well, it's easy to fly and its speed is something they will have success in future competitions." (Carlos Hernandez, Colombia)

"The packing is nice and efficient. The fabric of the glider is light enough to allow an easy takeoff, even in no-wind conditions. I took the two internal A's to inflate the glider and it all went like a charm. I flew in the ealry hours in Rolda, in very gentle (weak) conditions at the beginning of the flight. The precision of the handling really helped taking every bubbles and fly along the ridges towards La Union. Once the conditions got stronger I was even more pleased with the climb of the glider and I liked his tendency to pitch firmly into the thermals. Again the turns were great and the optimisation of the climb felt really natural, by letting the Guru leading you with very interpretable moves. I have the feeling that I had a bit more lace effect than on the Enzo3. I noticed a few very gentle ear flapping in strong thermals, no action was needed to reopen the glider and I felt relaxed enough to take pictures, even in strong air. The speed and glide are great too, but since I wasn't flying together with Enzo's or Boom's I will not comment this aspect yet. I flew the glider at 106 kg (M size), leaving my ballast at home for once. I would fly it at 108kg for best perfs and comfort in flight. The keyword for me about the guru is agility. ..." (Robert Vandenbegine, Canada)

"The wing has a great turning behaviour and is communicating well what is going on in the air. The direct and precise handling and the stability while pushing speed bar made me feel very comfortable under the Guru. And yes, the wing is fast!" (Ernesto Hinestroza, Venezuela)





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