The Meru now proved in competition!

Monday, 09 April 2018

In the first ever competition for the UP Meru, at the Bawü Open on the last weekend, the fresh certified glider was able to prove what many of us already expected.

The Meru now proved in competition!

There were only three Meru participating, the results are therefore all the more incredibly.
With an amazing second place, Ernesto Hinestroza was able to reach the goal with his Meru. Also our new junior team-pilot Eric Trapp had some great tasks and reached the 27th place. Hansjörg Walliser also finished the tasks on his Meru with a great 34th place. Nico Trapp with his Trango X-Race flew on the 49th position and passed loads of high competition wings!
Well done guys!
We are looking forward to the upcoming comps, in which the Meru will be represented more often.

Here you can find the results:

Competition Overall results

Check out a small photo gallery from the competition below.



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