Introducing the new UP Ascent 4

Wednesday, 29 November 2017
The new Ascent 4; the fun factor......
Our design and development team have been hard at work designing and constructing a new LTF / EN A glider that is easy to handle on the ground and in the air, durable, confidence inspiring and fun to fly. The Ascent 4 was designed from the ground up to make a pilots progression as stress free and fun as possible. An optimized line cascade allows for an easier preflight check, and less drag. Labels on the risers allow new pilots to easily find what they are looking for.

The Ascent 4 is available in five sizes (from 50-130 kg) allowing a broad range of pilots to find the perfect size. Inflation and launch behavior is easy, predictable, and confidence inspiring. The Ascent 4 is 500 grams lighter then its predecessor. A lighter glider means less inertia, providing for easier inflations, pitch control, and landings. This is not just a school wing, it is a wing that experienced pilots, who value high passive safety, will enjoy flying and progressing with. Experienced pilots have been happily surprised by its ability to cut into a thermal, core up, and glide out. This glider is fun!! All sizes will be in stock January 2018. More Info...
Introducing the new UP Ascent 4