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Summit XC4 and Trango X-Race certification documents now Online

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

There's always a certain lag in the publishing of the actual EN certification documentation, due to a number of causes beyond the control of the paraglider manufacturers. But now we have everything there for everyone to see.

Summit XC4 and Trango X-Race certification documents now Online

Both our new products for 2017 are at the very top of their respective categories; the Summit XC4 in the EN B class, and the Trango X-Race in the EN C class. But it is important for us to emphasize that they are also both firmly WITHIN their respective categories; there is no "shoe-horning" gliders into categories where they don't belong happening at UP! 

Find the documentation regarding the UP Summit XC4 here

Find the equivalent for the Trango X-Race here

In both cases, just scroll down the page until you meet the "Downloads" tab - that is where things are located.



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