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Ziad on the new Trango X-Race - "raving review" doesn't even begin to cover it :-)

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

All around the world pilots look to a certain Lebanese pilot with a passion for glider reviews for their independent opinions about new wings - Ziad Bassil, or Zen to his Cyberspace friends.

Ziad on the new Trango X-Race - "raving review" doesn't even begin to cover it :-)

Ziad has already laid his hands on the new UP Trango X-Race, and his verdict is unambiguous to say the least:

"Conclusion: UP designer and the R&D team has done an amazing job with the X-race ! 
A swift handling, a solid feel, a rocket climber and impressive floater, a relatively easy to manage (high-end C) certified glider.
I believe that the Trango X-race with it’s 6.9 aspect ratio, has the highest score for the overall package of (performance/comfort/handling) in today’s C category. 
Very well sorted flying machine !  Smile


The full, short review can be found here - scroll down the thread until you find it :-)

We're happy that Ziad sees it like we do! If you haven't booked a test flight yet, quite frankly WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??



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