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Annalena and Mitch - the winners take it all :-)

Monday, 23 January 2017

On Saturday the 2017 edition of the Roldanillo Open in Colombia was concluded, and it was a great event for UP

Annalena and Mitch - the winners take it all :-)

Our very own Annalena Hinestroza, who is often the kind voice you hear when you call UP on the phone, won the Womens ranking with a healthy margin down to number two, and Mitch Riley, the indomitable machine from USA, won the Sports Class (up to EN C). Both were flying the new Trango X-Race, a wing that has been specifically developed for the Red Bull X-Alps 2017, where Mitch will also be flying.

Here's an excerpt from the mail we got from Annalena:

"Mitch was really pushing hard, flying incredibly good. And the best is that he is very happy with the glider! He says: better performance, better handling and the most important more stable at speed. I'm also very happy with the glider! It's gliding very good and it is much easier to race."

We're stoked for our guys down there, and we can't wait to see what the season has in store for the Trango X-Race and the many UP team pilots on it!

Full results here: