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The right tool for the job; new Summit XC4!

Monday, 21 November 2016
The free-flying community has known it for a while already; the new Summit XC4 is out! Adrian Seitz took one to Quixada in Brazil and flew some big distances on it out there, and Facebook has been full of rumours about it for some time.
The right tool for the job; new Summit XC4!

We've finally recieved confirmation from the certification institute too, which means that we can officialy join the celebrations, and put the Summit XC4 product page Online. This is a new wing that excites us quite a bit, nestled comfortably between the Kibo/Lhotse group of wings and our Trango Series high-performance Serial racers.

The new glider will be available for test flying from your local UP outlet in just a few weeks, in the mean time check out the product page, and Adrians flights in Brazil, then call up your local dealer to book a test flight!