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Thermik Magazine reviews the Lhotse and the Kibo

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Our latest EN B wings, the UP Lhotse hike&fly wing and the Kibo XC fiend, have been put through their paces in the latest issue of Thermik Magazine - here are a few of their findings.

Thermik Magazine reviews the Lhotse and the Kibo

From reading the reviews it is immediately clear that the reviewers enjoyed their time on our wings. To the Kibo they had the following things to say in their final words: "The UP Kibo is a well-rounded mid-level EN B wing with great handling. It should appeal to a very large pilot group, from weekend warriors to more experienced pilots and pilots starting out on an XC career."

As for the Lhotse, the following paragraph neatly sums up the review: "Extremely light and responsive cross-country intermediate glider for mountain lovers and those who enjoy direct feedback and handling in a wing." Both statements were translated from German by us; if you would like the full story from all of the 6 pages of magazine review please consider getting the magazine, in paper or electronic format, from

If Thermik lets us we'll be delighted to publish the full story here soon - please check back soon.



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