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UP co-sponsors the DHV Newcomer Challenge in Slovenia

Monday, 22 August 2016

The coming extended weekend (August 24. to 28.) sees the DHV (German Hanggliding Federation) Newcomer Challenge pull into Tolmin in Slovenia for a final round of the popular Newcomer Challenge series of events.

UP co-sponsors the DHV Newcomer Challenge in Slovenia

UP is proud to be a partner in the event, and our man Kilian Bardey, who is sales manager for the German-speaking markets, will be there to support the UP pilots, lend out demo wings, and present the UP prizes to the winners.

The Newcomer Challenge is a perfect partnership for UP, with its focus on furthering new and emerging talent in a friendly and fun-filled atmosphere. We believe that flying should first and foremost be FUN, but we also recognise the value of a bit of friendly competition to help catalyse the learning process, because no environment teaches you more, faster, than a competition environment. In our view, the better a pilot you are, the safer you'll be, and safety in the air is a very important factor in the FUN equation!

The event is open to the public, but you need an IPPI card to fly in Slovenia - make sure you bring yours. There will be evening debriefings and lectures, and all briefings are done in English. Hope to see you there!