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The new UP Lhotse - light in weight, heavy in performance and joy!

Monday, 13 June 2016

We're super happy to introduce our latest hike & fly glider; the UP Lhotse. This new wing is built as a performance EN B design, but in a very light and compact package.

The new UP Lhotse - light in weight, heavy in performance and joy!

The UP Lhotse is named after the famous Himalayan 8000'er, which at 8516m is the fourth-highest mountain summit in the world. The word Lhotse means "south peak" in Tibetan, and the mountain got its name from the fact that only the famous Everest south col separates it from the "real" Everest - the two are literally twins.

At only 3.3kgs (M size), this new wing will really lighten the load on your back when you're out for an Airborne Adventure, be it hiking through the mountains or travelling to faraway places. Our new favourite toy is already Online in the Products section of this website - there you'll learn that it is available it 3 sizes, covering hook-in weights from 65 to 120kgs, and that the M and the L sizes are already certified and in production, for delivery to the first-movers in July. The S size is being done as this is written, we do hope it will follow very shortly.




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