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232km FAI triangle - on a KIBO!

Monday, 23 May 2016

German XC pilot Fritz Schütte had only just taken possesion of his new UP Kibo (EN B) wing when his forecasting showed that conditions would be ON at the Grente in North Italy.

232km FAI triangle - on a KIBO!

The Grente is popular for FAI triangle attempts not least because it starts working early in the day, and Fritz took full advantage of just that, launching at 09:37 to start his long East-bound leg along the SSE-facing ridge above the Defreggental, to his Easternmost turnpoint at the Mattersberg in Austria.

The 232km long flight took almost ten hours, meaning you need a good portion af stamina as well as the right wing for the job... Well done Fritz!!!

Link to Fritz' flight:

On the same day, UP pilot Brigitte Kurbel flew her Trango XC3 to a new longest FAI triangle by a woman, world-wide from the same launch, going 239km and only landing at almost 20:50!!! By then Brigitte had been airborne for 11h and 27min!!! Amazing performance by you as well Brigitte, congratulations! Check out Brigittes track here: