Latest news from the UP XC Fever

Thursday, 28 April 2016

UP Pilots fly in the UP XC Fever to earn points towards their total score for the season - whoever wins the grand prize walks away with a brand-new UP glider of their own choice!

Latest news from the UP XC Fever

The UP XC Fever has been running since October already.

This is the current ranking:

In the socalled Class 1 we have Mircea Slimu (Romania) leading, with Thomas Odenthal (Germany) and Johnny Hopper (New Zealand) hot on his heels. All three pilots are flying our Kantega XC2. In the Performance-class, which we call Class 2, we have spanish pilot Nacho Robledo (Trango XC3) in front of Christian Zach from Germany (Xlight2) and swiss Günther Bislin (Trango XC3) in third place.

The flying season is only just starting in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning nothing is settled yet - we have some exciting months ahead of us! Please remember to upload your flights within 48h of completion to make them valid for the rankings, and just give it a go; maybe you'll winn great prizes and trophies!!  

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