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UP Parasleeve #2

Thursday, 21 April 2016
With the new parasleeve, packing the wing the way it was designed to be packed is even easier, and due to the internal flap which is buckled in place before the long zipper is closed there is no risk of snagging any glider material in the zipper.
UP Parasleeve #2

The new parasleeve is designed so that it may be used with ALL UP wings, and allows you to fold the "cigar" in several different ways once the bag is zipped closed. If you like to separate the wing from the harness when packing there's an integrated riser compartment in there for you, and if you don't well rest assured that the zipper is bidirectional so that you can let the lines out at the bottom. We're making it in three different sizes to accomodate all wing sizes, and we're happy to say that the M size weighs only 480g. There are large mesh panels to allow your wing to breathe while stored.

The new Parasleeve will be included with Summit XC3's and Trango XC3's from early summer 2016, and can be ordered as an accessory for all other wings at the same time.