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THE most glowing review ever??

Thursday, 03 December 2015

As one of the most experienced pilots in the world, and possibly THE most experienced glider reviewer in the English-speaking press, Hugh Miller carries a certain punch when he goes to press with a wing review. Hugh took the UP Trango XC3 for a few outings...

THE most glowing review ever??

At UP we read the wing reviews in magazines with considerable interest; our own as well as those reviewing wings from other manufacturers. Yet in all the years we've been involved with this stuff we can't, off the tops of our heads, think of a single occasion when a review has been anywhere near as positive, as positively glowing, as the one of our beloved Trango XC3 in Cross Country issue 165. Click on the link to read for yourself, then do yourself the favour of booking a test flight with your local UP pusher - you'll never look back! NOTE the file is 2.3MB and in .pdf format.