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The heat is on...

Wednesday, 02 December 2015

As Europe descends into winter gloom, so the Southern Hemisphere heats up - and along with the warming we see the UP XC Fever taking off. Polish XC hound Jarek Wieczorek is in Iquique chasing distance, and he was kind enough to send us a few words:

“The best thing I like about the new TrangoXC3 is that it gives me chance and time to enjoy flying cross country. With wings from D class I used to fly I had no chance nor time to relax, think clearly about xc strategy, enjoy the landscape, take photos, etc. The new Trango discovered for me once again what I love about flying the most - looking at the world from above. And all of this with unbelievable performance I thought would never be possible in this class.”

Jarek also found time to send us a few shots from his Iquique endeavour - it sure looks like a lot of fun! Thank you to Jarek for the kind words and the beautiful images, have fun out there and if you keep it up maybe you'll win the UP XC Fever 2016! Click on the images to see them in a larger format!

Chile Jarek 15112 small Chile Jarek 15113 small  
Chile Jarek 1511 small