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UP XC Fever 2015/16 - win a UP paraglider!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The UP XC Fever was a big blast in 2013 and 2014, and we're ready to carry it into its third incarnation - but we have changed a few things around it. In the first few seasons the scoring was done through the DHV-XC, but to make it more accessible to the global UP community we've moved it to the XContest platform.

UP XC Fever 2015/16 - win a UP paraglider!

Already in the first couple of seasons the UP XC Fever was a popular venue for ambitious UP pilots to display their cross-country skills; they put time, effort and passion into their cross country flights, and uploaded these to the servers as soon as they got back from their retrieves. This meant that the competition was always exciting to follow, in both classes, probably also because of the generous prizes :-)

In the 2015/2016 event, the pilots will be amassing points from Oct. 1st 2015 until Sept. 30th 2016, and the top five in each class will get nice prizes, the best placed pilots even a brand-new UP paraglider of their own choice! There's no need to register for the event; by uploading your XC flights to the XContest server, and flying one of the following UP gliders, you're already part of the game!

Class 1 is open to pilots flying the following UP wings: Kantega XC2, Makalu3, Makalu Light, Ascent3, Kantega XC, Makalu2 , Ascent2 , Kantega, Makalu, Ascent, Pico

Class 2 is open to pilots flying the following UP wings: Trango XC3, Trango X-Light2, Trango XC2, Summit XC3, Summit XC2, Trango XC, Trango X-Light, Summit XC, Trango3, Summit2, Trango2

Basis for the points calculation is the total amount of points gathered in the XContest during the time outlined above - we'd like to extend a big THANKS to the admins of the XContest for the work they have put into this!

In order to be valid for the UP XC Fever, your flights must adhere to four simple rules:

  1. Only flights done on one of the gliders mentioned above are included,
  2. The flight should be uploaded to the XContest server within 48h of landing,
  3. In Class 1, no flight with less than 25 points total score will count towards the total points sum. In Class 2 only flights scoring more than 50 points will be counted,
  4. In order to be able to filter the result, the software depends on your writing the glider names EXACTLY as above - otherwise it doesn't work...

And now for the prizes in each category:

1st place: A UP paraglider of your own choice*

2nd place: UP Speedarms, a t-shirt and a UP cap

3rd place: Soft-shell vest "Aconcagua", a t-shirt and a UP cap

4th place: Quick-packing backpack and a UP cap

5th place: UP gloves model "Asgaard" and a UP cap

*) Only current models as of September 2016 are available. The UP tandem glider is not part of the choice.

Prizes cannot be changed for anything else, and UP staff are not allowed to participate. Winners will be announced on Oct. 3rd 2016, and must have collected their prizes before Dec. 31st 2016.

You may follow the raking on the UP website, and we wish everyone lots of great, safe flights during this upcoming XC Fever season and beyond!